Nós gastamos muito de nosso tempo pesquisando na internet fotos de aviação. Infelizmente não podemos utilizar todas as fotos que encontramos, juntamente com o nosso fantástico conteúdo de Inglês para a aviação. Aqui estão 10 ótimas fotos que encontramos esta semana!


You do not need aerodynamic priciples when the aircraft is flown by the hand of God!

just a pinch buddah perfect timing

Photograph via Former_Manc on Reddit
A fighter jet breaks the sound barrier with a visible shockwave

airplane-breaking-the-sound-barrier-perfect timing

This beuatiful turbo-prop captured perfectly infront of a waxing moon


Photograph by Chris Thomas
Perfect timing, not a CO2 emitting Eagle!

eagle perfect timing

Photograph by PAM MULLINS (via The Telegraph)


Another example of divine intervention in the cockpit!statue juggling plane perfect timing

Photograph via Bored Panda
This pilot takes an awesome photo of a (not so) distant storm


Photograph by HALEY LUNA
An executive jet allowing its owner a firly unique view of an eclipse (or maybe it was hired by a photographic or research team… you decide)


Photograph by PHILLIP CALAIS
A very British affair!  (though most likely, two american dare-devils) “New balls please!”

Photograph via Museum Syndicate
THis is what sundays were made for!

Photograph via Reddit


 One of the most important aviation photos of recent years, more than 100 million useful data points were collected for research during this seriously cool adventure.


A photograph from the Boneyard Project in Nevada in which many aircraft that will never fly again have at least been given a new lease of life.  Thank you art!

the boneyard project art on old planes (5)

More Fun From the WOrld of Aviation