1º Conditional

We use the first conditional when there is a very real chance that something will occur. For example, it is early morning. You are at the airport. You plan to take off soon. But there is heavy fog (fog = nevoeiro). When the fog clears. What will you do?

IF       +        Condition              +                Result
                 present simple                    WILL + base verb

If               The fog clears          we              will take off.

We are thinking about the future. It is still foggy. But the weather report says that the fog will disperse. The present simple tense is used to talk about the likely future condition and WILL + base verb to say the result result.
Here are some more examples.

IF                    + condition         +               result
                     present simple             WILL + base verb

If there is turbulence I will turn on the fasten seatbelt sign.

If We take off on time we will land on time.

If I acheive level 5 I will be happy.

If we hold for 10 minutes, will we need to divert?

If it rains tomorrow, what will you do?

       Result                +           IF         +               Condition
WILL + base verb                                           present simple
I will turn on the fasten seatbelt sign if there is turbulence.

We will land on time if we take off on time.

I will be happy if I acheive level 5.

Will we need to divert if We hold for 10 minutes more?

What will you do if it rains tomorrow?

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