Why should we employ you as cabin crew at XXX Airlines?

Before you enter the interview, you have obviously already done your research on the company!

This type of question should be answered using your knowledge of recent company news or of company operations, for example. you could mention that you have read the the company has recently purchased many new aircraft and that you would like to be a part of the airlines expansion, or maybe that they have opened new routes recently and that you have good local knowledge of the new destinations and will be valuable to customers because of that.

  • Research
  • Company
  • Mention
  • Purchased
  • Knowledge
  • Valuable

Why do you want to be a cabin crew member?

This is a great question to discuss your personal experience.  You can show examples of how you have worked as part of a team in the past and show how you can adapt easily to your new role, you also have an opportunity to discuss your own personal development, that by becoming a member of cabin crew you will get to learn new skills, such as communication, or to develop your English skills with the airlines passengers!

  • Easily
  • Role
  • Discuss
  • Development
  • Becoming
  • Skills

Are you applying for cabin crew jobs with other airlines?

This is a tough question as the airline is asking about your commitment to them!  But an honest answer is the best answer, tell the airline that you have made applications to other airlines, that becoming a cabin crew member is your dream job, however, move on quickly and outline the reasons why you really want to be selected by the airline that is interviewing you, you can give other examples of why you want to work for Airline XXX, maybe you have a friend that already works for the airline, and you could tell your interviewer how happy your friend is to be working for them.

  • Tough Question
    Pergungta Difícil
  • Asking
  • Local Knowledge
    Conhecimento Locais
  • Applications
    Pedidos de Emprego
  • Dream Job
    Trabalho de Sonho
  • Interviewer

Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?

Here you need to give examples of a time when you have quickly resolved a customers problem and shown the customer that you are able to exceed their expectations.  Think about problems that you have had as a customer that were resolved well if you can not think of any examples of your own.

  • Exceed
  • Shown
  • Resolved Well
    Resolvida Bem

Working as cabin crew, you might be away from your friends and family for long periods of time, how would you deal with this? 

Being a cabin crew member means that you are able to make new friends easily and build good relationships with other team members and build rapport with customers.  Be honest, tell them that your friends from your home town are great, of course you will miss them from time to time, but you are sure that you will become a valuable crew member on any flight that you are scheduled on and that you are looking forward to meeting many new friends in the near future!

  • Build Rapport
    Construir Relaçoes
  • Of Course
    Com Certeza
  • Miss Them
    Tem Saudades deles
  • From Time to Time
  • Looking Forward
  • Near Future Futuro

The airline want to see that you are a good communicator, make sure that you maintain eye contact with the interviewer, speak clearly and comfortably, don’t be shy, don’t be awkward, don’t be arrogant

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