This is a vocabulary exercise designed to give you a basic knowledge of Aircraft parts in English based on a Boeing 737-200, when looking at this picture, try to construct a sentence about each part that uses a preposition that describes the objects location.

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First here, is some vocabulary based on the picture above, please, send us a message if you beleive that any items have been mistranslated!

  • Cockpit
    Cabine de Piloto
  • Fuselage
  • Engine
  • Wing
  • Emergency Door
    Saída de Emergência
  • Aileron
  • Flap
  • Overhead
    Strorage Compartimento Acima
  • Galley
  • Toilet
  • Horizontal Stabilizer
    Estabilizador Horizontal
  • Vertical Stabilizer
    Estabilizador Vertical
  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Rear Door
    Saida Traseira
  • Baggage Compartments
    Compartamento de Bagagem
  • Landing Gear
    Trem de Pouso
  • Passenger Door
    Porta dos Passageiros


Whilst constructing your sentences, pay special attention to the conjugation of the verb “To Be”

Pay special attention to the conjugation of the verb To Be.

I – Am

He, She, It, Noun (singular) – Is

We They You, Noun (plural) – Are

For example

The landing gear is UNDER the fuselage

The overhead storage is ABOVE the passengers

The ailerons are AT THE END OF the wings.

Help with prepositions can be found here

Preposistionsplacejpg Ramp Accident

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