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About Bird Strikes

Bird strikes are most common at takeoff or landing, or whilst flying at low alititudes.  Some bird strikes have been reported at much higher altitudes, some as high as 20,000 ft to 9,000 m (30,000 ft) above the ground.

An aircraft over the Ivory Coast collided with a Rüppell’s Vulture at the astonishing altitude of 11,300 m (37,100 ft), the current record avian height.

According to the FAA’s Wildlife Hazard manual, 90% of bird strikes occur during the landing and take off phase and less than 8% of strikes occur above 3,000 ft 61% occur at less than 100 ft


A beautiful day at England’s Manchester airport, everything is normal, until this Thomson 757 ingests 2 medium sized birds into it’s right engine as it is rotating.

Manchester is found in the northeats of England and several alternate airports are available, including liverpool to the west.

the video is without subtitles (legendas) listen as we hear the full ATC including assistance from the ground crews



What is the callsign of this aircraft?

@ 0:31 Which runways are available for landing?

@ 0:58 the pilot states a radial on which he would like to establish. What is that radial? To what height would they like to climb and what will they do next?

@ 1:20 What does the controller say about Liverpool [airport]?

@ 1:56 What are the intentions of Thomsom.

@ 3:05 The controller states where the aircraft can stop. Where can the aircraft stop?

What does the controller ask the pilot to confirm @ 3:51

@ 4:26 What does the pilot say about a delay? How long will the delay be? “Before we ____ __ _____” (fill in the blanks) What does this mean?

From 4:40 onwards, transcribe (transcrever) the rest of the video word for word.

  • Bird Ingestion
    Ingestão de Aves
  • Flock of Birds
    Bando de Pássaros
  • Feathers
  • Engine Shut Down
    Desligamento do Motor
  • Engine Vibration
    Vibração do Motor
  • Burning Smell
    Cheiro de Queimado
  • Engine Surge
    Sobretensão de Motor
  • Blood
  • Assymetric Flight
    Voô Assimétrica

Vocabulary for Bird Stirkes


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