In this class we are going to look at some of the most common aircraft that we find in today’s skies and how we pronounce the type in English.  Make refers to the manufacturers name (Embraer, Airbus, etc) and the model is the aircraft specific type (195, 747, 320, etc).

Which aircraft have you flown so far, what aircraft do you dream of flying?

The Airbus Family                                                         

A318 – “A” Three Eighteen
A319 – “A” Three Nineteen
A320 – “A” Three Twenty
A321 – “A” Three Twenty-One
A330 – “A” Three Thirty
A340 – “A” Threee Forty
A380 – “A” Three Eighty

The Boeing Family

B727 – (Boeing) Seven Two Seven
B737 – (Boeing) Seven Three Seven
B747 – (Boeing) Seven Four Seven
B757 – (Boeing) Seven Five Seven
B767 – (Boeing) Seven Six Seven
B777 – (Boeing) Triple Seven
B787 – (Boeing) Seven Eight Seven

The Embraer Family

Embraer Regional Jet
ERJ 135 – Embraer One Thirty-Five
ERJ 140 – Embraer One Forty
ERJ 145 – Embraer One Forty-Five

Embraer E-Jet family

E170 – Embraer One Seventy
E175 – Embraer one Seventy-Five
E190 – Embraer One Ninety
E195 – Embraer One Ninety-Five



When we add the variant number to an aircraft type, we say the full hundred, if that is how the variant is written, for example

A340-600 – A Three Forty Six Hundred
B737-400 – (Boeing) Seven Three Seven Four Hundred

Some variants include letters too. It is common in these cases to simply say the letters, for example

B737NG – B737 N G

But what do those letters mean?

NG – Next Generation
LR – Long Range
ER – Extended Range
SP – Special Performance
F – Freight