Date : November 23rd

On the Assessment day, Recruiters will come to Brazil from Dubai with the sole intention to select candidates.  Along with the 5x7cm photographs of yourself in Business attire, you will also need to bring two or more photographs of yourself in casual dress the requirements are

  • Outdoors
  • Jeans and a shirt
  • Facing the camera
  • Women with hair down and high heels
  • No Trainers (tênis)

You should also bring you ensino medio diplomas and full education record and any relevant diplomas, such as English certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, etc).  If you have already worked for another airline, bring reference letters if possible, if not, bring other references from previous employers.

If these documents are in Portuguese, you must get them translated and attach the translations to the original copies 

There will be a group assessment to see how well you can interact as a part of a team, shortly after this, you be be told if you have been successful and will be invited to the final interview!

Final Interview

Typically the final interview is held two to three days after the assessment day.  It is very important to note that an invitation final interview IS NOT an assurance of a job offer, and the you should not resign just yet!  The final intterview should take approximately 1 hour.

After the interview, the nail biting and the waiting begins,  your documents and notes will be sent to Dubai and they can take between three and six weeks to respond.  If you are successful, you will receive a phone call, in English and an email informing you of the next steps (Medical exam, dental exam and information of signing contract)  Once the medical tests are sent back to Dubai, you will be approved and your departure dates will be sent to you for your journey to Dubai, paid for by the airline, who will also organise your visa!

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