Let’s look at how ICAO describe the ability to structure a sentence for a level 5 candidate

Vejamos como ICAO descrever a capacidade de estruturar uma frase para um candidato nível 5


Basic grammatical structures and sentence patterns are consistently well controlled.

Complex structures are attempted but with errors which sometimes interfere with meaning

Estruturas gramaticais básicas e padrões de frases bem controlada. Tenta estruturas complexas, mas com erros que, por vezes, interferem com o sentido

Aditional Information

Extended level 5 speakers demonstrate less control of complex grammatical structures than do Expert level 6 speakers and may commit global errors from time to time when using complex structures.

It is important to explain that language teaching specialists generally catergorize structural (or grammatical) errors into two classes: “global” and “local”. Global errors are those which interfere with meaning; local errors are those which do not interfere with meaning.

Ok, now that we have read that, what does this mean?

Our basic grammar for the past, present and future tenses has to be correctly spoken and cojnugated and it must be clear from your voice and word choice what tense you are speaking in

Estendidas nível 5 colunas demonstrar menos controle de estruturas gramaticais complexas do que fazer a nível de peritos seis alto-falantes e pode cometer erros globais ao longo do tempo quando se utiliza estruturas complexas.
É importante explicar que os especialistas de ensino de línguas em geral catergorizar erros estruturais (ou gramatical) em duas classes: “global” e “local”. Erros globais são aqueles que interferem com o sentido, os erros locais são aqueles que não interferem com significado.
Ok, agora que temos que ler, o que isso significa?
Nossa gramática básica para o passado, presente e futuro tem que ser corretamente falado e cojnugated e deve ficar claro a partir de sua voz e escolha de palavras que tenso você está falando em


First and second conditionals are used precisely and confidently at the appropriate moments and very rarely without error, the third conditional is attempted, but not always totally succesful.

Due to the nature of the assessment, where you will be asked to explain various aviation accidents and incidents, conditionals are extremely important to the test as you will need to use the words if and maybe a lot and you should make sure that you have a solid understanding of what conditionals are and how to use them before booking your test.

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