In standard phraseology, almost all numbers are transmitted seperately, this is to avoid miscommunication, a good example is the similarities between the number thirteen and thirty when transmitted on the radio., even as a native speaker, I sometimes have problems with these numbers and  and need to ask for clarification.  Let’s look at some examples.Теплый пол


  • Turn left heading 320
  • Turn right heading 170
  • Turn Left Heading three two zero
  • Turn right heading one seven zero

Wind Speed and Direction

  • Wind 220 at 19 Wind
  • 300 at 17 gusting 22
  • Wind two two zero at 19
  • Wind three zero zero at 17 gusting two           two
  •  Squawk 7340
  • Squawk seven three four zero
  •  Cleared to land runway 11L
  •  Position and hold runway 03R
  • Cleared to land runway one one left
  • Position and hold runway zero three right
Altimeter Settings
  •  Set QNH 29.90
  •  Set QNH two niner decimal niner zero
Flight Levels
  • Climb to FL 290
  • Descend to FL120
  •  Climb to flight level two niner zero
  •  Descend to flight level one two zero


Some useful phraseology for level changes:

Altitudes are expressed in the exam only in thousands of feet.  We must make sure that when we report or readback an altitude that we say “feet” at the end.

Our flight level in not an altitude above the ground, a flight level is the level at which the aircraft will be when flying with the pressure set to standard athmospheric pressure, this is a way of ensuring seperation between aircraft in all regions.  In the exam take care and DO NOT say “feet” after a flight level…. “Flight level one nine zero feet” is INCORRECT

In part 2 of the ICAO test you will interact with airtraffic controllers from various stations.  The diagram below shows the names of these stations.  In part 3 you will hear audios of pilots speaking to these same stations too.  The type of station is to be used after the name of the station.  For example:

In the exam it is important to use the correct name of the station that is used in the audio.  simply saying “Miami Control” shows that you didn’y hear the audio correctly and that you are unaware of the names of the control stations.

Please note that whilst taxying to and from the runways we will be speaking with “ground”


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