A Provo de Inglês da ANAC pode ser divertido, mas um mau resultado nunca é engraçado, este divertido vídeo vai ajudá-lo a melhorar não apenas o seu Inglês para aviação, mas o seu Inglês em geral!

Was this video fun or funny?  Maybe it was both!

A common mistake for students learning English is the difference between Fun and Funny.

What is the difference between Fun and Funny?

Both (ambos) can be used as adjectives.

Funny = Something that makes you laugh (Engraçado)
Fun = when you enjoy yourself (Diversão)
(*But Fun can also be a noun – see below)

A comedian or a clown (Palhaço) is…. FUNNY
Going to fly an aircraft, or going on holiday is … FUN (you have a good time)

Compare these examples:

  • Ricardo is a fun guy. (I have a good time when I am with John)
  • Ricardo is a funny guy. (John makes me laugh)

In Negative Sentences Too!

  • Having your 6 monthly medical exam is not fun!
  • Doing a long boring exam is not fun.
  • Nobody laughed because Paul’s joke was not funny.
  • An aircraft accident is never funny.

Are these situations or people fun or funny?

1. A party with your friends is…
2. Selton Melo…
3. Playing a game is…
4. Visiting new places is…
5. Somebody flying their first solo is having…

(answers further down)

Fun as a noun

Fun (noun) = enjoyment or pleasure

  • I had lots of fun at the hotel last night.
  • We hope you have fun at the beach after we land!

Fun (noun) can also be used to describe the good humor and playful behavior of a person.

  • She is not boring at all, she is actually full of fun.

1. Fun 2. Funny 3. Fun 4. Fun 5. Funny

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