Este conteúdo é escrito especificamente para os pilotos, com metodologia que também o torna útil para comissários ajudando-os com escuta e interpretação. Para o conteúdo específico de comissário, aqui
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Lesson Objective

Listen to the audio in the youtube clip and answer the questions written bellow to check your comprehenshion.  After the questions we have suggested some additional exercises to help you.  

There is a mixture of Standard phraseology (Fraseologia padrâo) and Plain English within this audio and at times it is hard to hear exactly what is being said, we rate this exercise as being for intermediate to upper intermediate students.  Do not be frustrated if you need to listen several time!

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JFK Airport is the busiest passenger airport in the United states and in 2011 the number of passengers that it handled passed 50 million in just one year.

This very busy airport has 4 runways and handles operations from more than 90 airlines.  The airspace over New York can be argued to be the busiest in the world, due the the close proximity of other airports that also serve the New York metropolitan area including Newark and La Guardia

The runways are:

Runway    Length(M)   Length (ft)     Surface Type
4L/22R     11,351         3,460               Asphalt
4R/22L      8,400          2,560               Asphalt
13L/31R   10,000         3,048               Asphalt
13R/31L   14,511         4,423               Concrete



@ 0:53 The controller says “Hold short of Victor, you’re gonna be there for several minutes”

What does this mean?


@ 1:27 The controller informs an aircraft of the windspeed and direction, before issuing a clearance.

What is the windspeed and direction that he states?


@2:16 an aircraft is instructed to go around. What is the callsign of the aircraft and what reason is given for the go around instruction?


@2:36 The Controller instructs the Chilean Airforce aircraft to contact the ground controller. What is the radio frequency that the controller gives to the aircraft?


@3:29 Eagle 404 makes intial contact with JFK Tower to give a position report. Where is Eagle 404? What approach is Eagle 404 planning to make?


@3:51 AME4325(Heavy) Says “Negative” what was the question that he is responding to?
AME4325(Heavy) is then told to reduce his airspeed, What does the controller say about the aircraft ahead of him?


What is the frequency of New York Approach?


At the end of the clip the controller states a new wind direction and windspeed. What is the new wind?

Additional Excercise

Try to transcribe (Transcrever) the entire clip and submit the transcript to  After transcribing the clip, you can also record yourself saying each of the phrases and compare your own accent to the accents of the pilots and controllers.

Think about how the controller handled the Go Around situation and try to describe his handling of the incident.  Was he ccalm?  Was he professional.  Who was to blame for the incident and how could the incident have been avoided?  Leave your comments at the bottom of the page and the community can discuss the incident together!

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