Lesson Objective

We will listen to an incident that occured at Bradley in the northeast of The United States of America and read the transcipt at the same time.  After listening there will be some discussion questions about why the incident occured, and how this type of incident can be avoided.

As always, this incident can be discussed in an online class or a live class with one of our teaches.


Cactus 1509 is an Airbus A321 operated by US Airways and ACEY 8322 is an Embraer 145 operated by ExpressJet (help on how to pronounce aircraft types can be found here)

Bradley is the busiest commercial airport in Connecticut, though it is still a relatively quiet airport, handling only approximately 320 aircraft per day.

As you can see on the video, the airport has two “intersecting” runways and both runways are handled by only 1 controller, who also handles arrivals, departures and ground movements.

It appears that the weather is clear at the time of the incident


Before watching the video we stated that the weather appeared to be clear.  What evidence is this based on?

Cactus 1509 told the controller that they would like to have runway 06 when they were cleared to taxi.  What impact did this have on the incident?

Do you think that this type of incident is more common at busy airfields in which the controller has a high work load, or at less busy airfields where the controller has less stress?  Give reasons for both possible answers.

The controller passes fixed telephone numbers to both pilots for them to contact upon landing.  Why did the controller do this?  What do you think will be discussed on the telephone

If you were one of the pilots of Cactus 1509 how would this incident have effected your flight, as there is no physical danger to the aircraft, but a threat to your career?

What should happen to the controller?

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