Este conteúdo é escrito especificamente para os comissários, com metodologia que também o torna útil para pilotos ajudando-os com escuta e interpretação. Para o conteúdo específico de piloto…. aqui

Pre-Flight Safety Briefings

As part of their pre-departure duties, the cabin crew give a safety briefing to passengers that includes the emergency evacuation of the aircraft.

This briefing will refer passengers to their safety briefing cards but will always include pointing out exit locations and floor path lighting for use in poor visibility.

  • Pre-Departure Duties
    Deveres Pré-Partida
  • Present (verb)
  • Exit Locations
    Locais de Saída
  • Floor Path Lighting
    Luzes de Emergência do Piso
  • Poor Visibility
    Visibilidade Ruim


The briefing will advise on the availability of evacuation slides at exits and may give instructions on how to open exits. passengers seated in emergency exit rows at overwing exits where no cabin crew are located may be individually briefed on how to open these in the event of an emergency.

  • Availability
  • Evacuation Slide
    Escorregador de Evacuação
  • Exits
  • Seated
  • Exit Rows
    Fileiras de Saída
  • Overwing
    Sobre as Asas

If an airborne emergency occurs which makes an evacuation on landing likely, then the Cabin Crew will provide more detailed instructions if the time available permits.

  • Aiborne Emergency
    Emergência no Ar

Now watch the video, and then answer the questions

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Which airline was this video made for?

What is the purpose of a pre-flight safety briefing?

I think that this video is funny (engraçado).  Why do you think that the airline chose to make this important safety video funny?

When you are a passenger, how often do you listen to the safety briefing?

Additional Excercises

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