an incident involving only a single aircraft, where it makes an inappropriate exit from the runway.

Runway excursions occur when for one reason or another the landing or departing aircraft is unable to remain not only on the centre line, but physically departs the active runway, a Runway Over Run is a type of Runway excursion, though runway excursions generally refer to an aircraft departing the sides of the runway and not the end.

On September the 8th 2013 a Thai Airways Airbus A330-300, registration HS-TEF performing flight TG-679 from Guangzhou (China) to Bangkok (Thailand) with 287 passengers and 14 crew, landed on Bangkok’s runway 19L at about 23:30L (16:30Z) but veered right off the runway and came to a stop with all gear on soft ground about 1700 meters down the runway, a large plume of dust rose above the aircraft initially creating fears of a crash followed by smoke from the right hand engine. The aircraft was evacuated via slides. 14 people received minor injuries in the evacuation with 3 of the injured still in hospital care 48 hours later, the aircraft received damage to both engines (PW4164), the nose gear and the right hand main gear, the nose gear is bent but did not collapse. The runway received substantial damage as result of the fracture of the right hand main gear bogie beam after the aircraft had travelled about 1000 meters down the runway following main gear touchdown.