No teste de Inglês para aviação da ANAC para pilotos, você não será avaliado em meteorologia, mas durante o exame, você vai precisar de vocabulário e compreensão sobre este tema.  Comissários as vezes terá perguntas sobre meteorlogia dependente na linha aerea.

What is Turbulence?

Most passengers are afraid of turbulence . But do you know why it happens and its real affect  on flight safety?

Turbulence has nothing to do with the skill of the pilots or the degree of safety of the airplane . It is an inevitable facto of being in the air. In fact , it is air itself that causes it !

Turbulence is nothing more than wind  Wind is moving air , which goes from areas of high pressure areas of low pressure.  The vertical movement is called convective air movement and in the horizontal direction it is called advection.

  • Afraid
    Com Medo
  • Skill
  • Moving Air
    Ar em Movimento
  • Low Pressure
    Pressão Baixa
  • Convective
  • Advective

In flight , when passing through areas of different wind speeds and direction, the aeroplane shakes.  Typically, the ratio of convection is more intense turbulence , caused by heat. The ground heats the air below you , this hot air rises – and it rises fast and spins and this in turn creates updrafts , when aircraft pass through them, the aircraft forces becoming every so slightly inbalanced and is made to climb and descend by small, but noticeable amounts.

  • Heat
  • To Rise
  • Gorund
  • To Heat
  • Spinning
  • Updraft
    Corrente Ascendente

Aircraft are designed to withstand very strong structural forces during certification, and the forces of turbulence are far from coming close to these limit.  Clouds are visible areas of turbulence and , knowing this,  pilots try to avoid them as much as possible , making detours and changing flight levels , so as not to pass inside them, with the sole purpose of providing more comfort to passengers.  The airplane is able to fly through them without problems, but the comfort of the passengers is very important to all pilots.

  • To Withstand
  • Certification
  • Clouds
  • To Avoid
  • Detour
  • Managing

So there is nothing to fear!

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